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Good manners for children - Right to choose or priority

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Добри обноски за деца - избор на право или приоритет

If your baby is already two years old, then you need tostart telling him what good manners are.Naturally, it is absolutely notyou need to overload the baby with a large number of restrictions and prohibitions.

However, it must know in which cases it isnecessary to say “thank you”, “hello”, “goodbye”, “sorry”, etc. Nosure to praise the baby if he uses these words. If, however, everforget to apologize, do not criticize him, but delicately remind: “WhatYou should have said now.”

If you want to teach your child from infancyage of the rules of politeness, then you need to give your ownExample. Do not forget from time to time to read to him books on this topic.

It is important that you yourself inculcate in the young, concepts ofcreating justice and empathy.They will help to maintainfriendship for many years. If your child said that thereconflict with a friend, then you should recommend him how to make peace with him.

If your child is already in preschool, then it must know how to behave correctly at the table or writegreeting card of relatives.Six-year-olds, already know how to properlycommunicating with his peers.It is very likely, however, you will periodically correcthis behavior.

If your young creature has not yet turned 6years and there was no time to make friends, then you need to teach him to befriend.Explain to your child how to start a conversation.As we know, before youstart a conversation, it is best to smile at the person with whomyou're talking.Then he can say, “Hello.My name is... I would like toMeet. Let's play.

Good manners should not be “kept” only forspecial occasions or for guests.The child needs to learn that he needs to be polite, even in situations where he talks with his mother. As a rule, young creaturesrequire constant attention from moms and dads.Therefore, it is advisable toteach the child patience.

If you have urgent questions and the little one wants to play with him, then it is advisable to ask him to wait until you are free. You also need to explain to the baby that when talking to someone fromadults, then you should not interrupt your conversation.

Children in school should already know exactly how tohold on to the table.Explain to the child that if he needs to get up from the table, thenmust ask for permission from adults.In addition, you should not pout onthe table.

Now let's talk about the problem of bad language.

Two factors cause a wicked language in the youngcreature. This is the culture of others and its growth. The vast majority from children recognize bad words in an institution, on the street, as well as while watchingall kinds of movies. Do not lose sight of the fact that every child absorbs strangers words like a sponge and apply them in conversations.

When the child says a bad word, mom and dadusually begin to criticize him. And that's understandable. Which parent wantsthe child to curse?The negative reaction of adults, however, often leads tothe fact that the young creature subsequently constantly pronounces forbidden phrases. This is because the child wants to shock parents or show them their anger.

If we talk about a child of transitional age, then it most likely trying to use his incorrect language to prove itsindependence. Don't lose sight of the fact that some friends of your childprobably use bad words all the time. In this case, the child usesobscene words just so he doesn't look like a black sheep, in front of his peers.

When your young being begins to express himself,you need to control his emotions. In no case do not create intrigue. INotherwise you will only aggravate the situation.Many adults make a mistake,who say to their son or daughter, “Don't you think you should stopyou use such words!” Such instructions do not solve the problem.You also need toforget about the rage.

The best bet is to stay calm.

However, when the young creature begins to curse, thenthe problem, too, should not be ignored.Talk periodically with your child.The use of obscene words should not become a habit. If a child offends or swear, many mothers and fathers use punishment. This could bedeprivation of the opportunity to play on the computer or reduce the size ofpocket money.

Clarify to the adolescent that negative emotions can to be expressed without using bad words. And even if the child hears them fromadults, absolutely no need to copy the behavior of the pronounce them.

Sometimes it so happens that profanation indicates thatthe child has serious problems. If bad words come out involuntarily from the lips ofthe child and it in no way can get rid of this habit, it canmeans that there are problems communicating with friends or learning difficulties. IN this case you need to talk to the little creature about what itbothers.

За кой град и район си търсите детегледачка?

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Как можем да се свържем с теб и къде можем да ти изпращаме известията за нови кандидатури?

Можем да извършим подбора на детегледачка вместо теб, срещу заплащане, но ако желаеш можеш да публикуваш и безплатно търсене.

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